Noted author Stephen King on Saturday offered advice to Twitter CEO Elon Musk regarding the blue check verification mark, which was recently removed from most accounts on the social media platform.

On Thursday, Twitter removed check marks from accounts it had previously verified were “remarkable” figures in “government, news, entertainment or any other designated category.” The accounts that still had the check mark were given subscriptions to Musk’s “Twitter Blue” service, which sells them for $8 or more per month.

The author tweeted on Thursday that he had received a notification from his Twitter account saying that his blue check had been reinstated and that he was now subscribed to Twitter Blue, even though he had not. Commenting below King’s tweet, Musk wrote, “You’re welcome Namaste.”

King advised the billionaire in a separate tweet on Saturday that he should donate his blue check mark fees to charity.

Stephen King Advises Elon Musk About Blue-Check
Author Stephen King poses with the 2014 National Medal of Arts at the White House on September 10, 2015 in Washington, D.C. King advises Twitter CEO Elon Musk regarding the blue check verification marks that were recently added to most accounts on Twitter was removed from Social media platform.
Photo by Leigh Vogel / WireImage

“I think Mr. Musk should give my blue check to charity. I recommend the Pritula Foundation, which provides life-saving services in Ukraine. It’s only $8, so maybe Mr. Musk can add a little more, he tweeted.

Meanwhile, actor and comedian Jason Alexander also said on Saturday that he got his blue check mark back even though he didn’t pay anything to have it reinstated.

“Friends told me my blue verified check was reinstated. Don’t know why. I didn’t pay anything. I didn’t give any numbers. @StephenKing told me the same thing. My account stays up so no account details.” Doesn’t steal names. And I can tell you this craziness didn’t happen on Insta or SPOTible,” he tweeted.

newsweek Twitter was contacted by email for comment and to ask why some users are getting their blue check marks back without paying the $8 fee.

The Associated Press reported Friday about 300,000 verified users with blue check marks, including public figures, journalists and athletes. Some prominent public figures on Twitter such as Pope Francis, Oprah Winfrey, Beyoncé and former President Donald Trump lost their blue check marks on Thursday.

Users of a personal Twitter account pay $8 per month to keep Check Mark, while organizations pay an initial fee of $1,000 and an additional $50 for each associate or employee account.

In December, Musk said changes he had made to Twitter reflect a politically neutral and “fair” policy since taking over the social media platform last October, facing some criticism for often favoring conservative views. Despite doing

He tweeted at the time, “You know Twitter is being fair when extremist extremists and extremists are troubling together! Twitter aims to serve the 80% of people who desire to learn, laugh, and engage in reasoned debate.” Are.”

Some Twitter users argued on Thursday that those paying for Twitter Blue are identifying themselves as followers of right-wing ideology.

Comedian Dana Goldberg tweeted, “There are exceptions, but it looks like Twitter is the new Maga Hat with the blue check you have to pay now.”

Writer Tom Watson tweeted, “If you still carrying blue checks tomorrow? I don’t know, man. Almost Maga Hat territory.”

“Blue checks are now officially the new MAGA hat on Twitter!” Podcaster Jesse Dolmore Tweeted, “They make it very easy for a ****** to identify a helluva!”

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